Thursday, August 6, 2015

a go-to-gift for kids!!!

We don't have kids (but we have many in our extended group of families and friends) so we're always wondering what to get them when it comes to their birthdays. A few years back I opened up my Etsy shop and started making faux baked goods as a nod to my real baked goods and also birthday buddies which is my version of a birthday card. And now this combination is one of my go-to-gifts for kids. I'll be adding this combo to my Etsy shop soon!!!

There are just a few party animals that I turn into birthday buddies. I'm beginning to customize them a little more with party hats, tutus, & crowns. 

Along with the birthday buddy comes (12) delicious vanilla sugar cookies in the shape of their name, favorite color, and or characters. This little girl loves anything pink and princess-like.

While this little boy loved firetrucks.

Seems like forever, but a favorite from years ago. Thomas The Train…..

Always popular, fun, and colorful Yo Gabba Yabba…..

I mean who wouldn't want to get this on their special day???

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind kid's gift, look no further and visit my Etsy shop!!!