Tuesday, March 29, 2011

doughnut plant

My idea for my baking blog was NOT to share my "food experiences", but since I happened to pass the doughnut plant in the Chelsea Hotel I just had to stop in to pick up a couple of these famously fried treats.

I introduce you to the peanut butter doughnut filled with blackberry jam & the salty peanut cake doughnut.

We have been eating these doughnuts for YEARS!!! Their original location is on the LES (the Lower East Side for all you non-NYers) and just blocks away from my husband's dentist. How convenient. Get your teeth cleaned and grab a doughnut. :) Seriously, I WILL travel to eat one of these, and I have! I drag every family member or friend who visits us down there just to taste and try as many flavors as we can. And WE DO because these are not just doughnuts. These are THE BEST doughnuts!!! I could talk for days about these things, but if you live in any of the 5 Boroughs, I highly recommend you grab your Metro Card and head towards the LES or Chelsea. And if you're heading to NYC, get this on your list of "places to eat" because you don't want to miss these.....


  1. Is it wrong that this post just made me doubly motivated to come to NYC for a visit?? Those sound AMAZING!!!

  2. Bets.....Did you book your tickets to NYC yet??? :)