Wednesday, August 10, 2011

personally saying "no" to things that I LOVE!!!

I maybe jumping the gun by posting about my recent proclamation, because it's only been a few days of NOT eating anything made with processed sugar. I've been fulfilling my sweet "urges" with tons of fruit. Now c'mon? Let's be real here.....I LOVE SUGAR!!! And it's only been four days and it's hurting my sweet tooth inside of me!!!

I've just spent an arm and a leg at the organic health food store buying up ingredients towards a healthier life and hopefully back to my twenty-something-year-old body..... 

On the baking to-do list:
animal crackers

honey banana bread

nikki's healthy cookies

peanut butter cookies

and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

Tonight I will be channeling my husband who is currently in Humboldt County, CA and all of his hippie relatives to guide me through these recipes.

***Some of these recipes call for granulated or brown sugar, I will be substituting it with organic "whole" cane sugar. I'm not opposed to using organic cane sugar or organic brown sugar, but that would have meant spending my other arm and I needed that to carry all of this home. Also, GREEN & BLACK'S organic chocolate bars have organic raw cane sugar in them, not the white stuff!!!***

Stay posted.....HOPEFULLY some sweet and somewhat delicious things will be coming out of my kitchen.

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