Saturday, September 22, 2012

finding nemo & birthday cookies for phoebe & paula

It's Phoebe and Paula's 4th birthday today and I surprised them with Nemo & Dory birthday cookies. I actually don't own a "fish" shaped cookie cutter, so I had to get REALLY creative cutting and piecing out Nemo.....

Dory was also pretty challenging and again not perfect but you get the idea, right???

Nemo and Dory were created out of these cutters.....And can you believe that Nemo was cut and pieced out of a handbag cutter and circles?

The usual cutters were used for Phoebe and Paula's names and I tinted the royal icing in shades of ocean blue.

A batch of birthday cookies always includes a birthday cake. This batch is for a set of twins so of course I sent two cakes.

The Twins are 4 !!!!

Happy Birthday Phoebe & Paula!!!!

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