Wednesday, February 27, 2013

gluten-free firetruck cookies & a happy 3rd birthday

I don't bake a lot of gluten-free baked goods, but when I do I use Cup 4 Cup's gluten-free flour. This flour's awesome because you basically switch out all-purpose flour for their gluten-free flour in your recipe. I found this gf flour incredibly successful when I made this tropical banana bread and I can now add sugar cookies to my gluten-free baking achievements.

Today is a 3rd birthday of a very special someone and I just had to make gluten-free cookies for him.

Like many little boys, Tyce LOVES trains, tractors and firetrucks. The birthday invitation had a firetruck on it so it wasn't hard for me to find inspiration. 

If I bought a new cookie cutter for every cookie order, I'd be able to open up my own cookie cutter shop. I had this cutter which in my eyes looked like a "food truck" so I just got creative with my royal icing and started piping out the body of the firetruck.

The outline began to speak to me instantaneously. Once the outline dried, I continued to fill it in and add a few details.

I was pressed for time and had to get these made, decorated, dried, bagged and shipped. So please don't judge my piping skills here.....

Gluten-free no. 3 firetruck cookies and a monkey Birthday Buddy for Tyce!!!


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