Saturday, May 31, 2014

hot air balloon shaped cookies

A few weeks ago I was asked by a client to create cookie favors for her son's 5th birthday. The party was going to be in Central Park's Victorian Gardens and she wanted the cookies to look like one of the amusement rides. I suggested the Samba Balloon ride because out of all of the rides, this one would translate best in cookie form and my client loved the idea. So in lieu of cupcakes, her son passed out one of these cookie favors to each one of his party guests…..

I have A LOT of different shapes of cookies cutters. And sometimes when I don't have the exact shape, I have to use a few cutters to create it. Like a circle and a handbag cutter like I used here. A lollipop stick and a little royal icing held the cookies together.

I outlined each color of the balloon and then flooded it with royal icing.

After the base of royal icing dried, I added a few details.

Each cookie was bagged, heat sealed, and tied with bakers string.

I couldn't figure out how to incorporate the birthday boy's name and age onto the cookie, so I made little construction paper flags and busted out my stamp pad and alphabet stamps.

You're 5 !!!
Happy Birthday Alex!!!


  1. These are so beautiful! Can you share your cookie recipe? I know they won't be like yours but at least I'll try. Thanks in advance ;-)

    1. Hi Aracelis! I'm sorry but I'm crazy busy these days and don't have the recipe on hand to give you. You can use any sugar cookie recipe but would recommend refrigerating the cookies at least 30 mins. AFTER rolling and cutting them. That way they hold their shape while baking. You may need to adjust cooking time depending how firm your dough is before it goes into the oven. Hope that helps and good luck!