Saturday, April 7, 2012

an easter egg hunt in brooklyn.....

I just LOVE Easter!!! But I think I love it most because of the candy....I'm not gonna lie. :)  And since my husband and I don't have little ones of our own, we tacked on to our best friends and their kids this Easter holiday. 

So.....Easter candy was NOT in these kid's baskets but instead we hid Cheddar Bunnies, organic gummy bears, vitamin C organic lollipops, squishy apple sauce packets, and of course homemade Easter cookies made by yours' truly. 

I used strips of pink streamers, paper cut-outs, and colorful Post It notes to decorate "the goods". 

To lure the Easter Bunny into their home, we set out some carrots along with their Easter baskets.

When you live in the NYC, or in this case Brooklyn, you don't have the luxury of a grassy yard to hide Easter eggs and such.....

Sometimes you just have to be creative with your hiding spots.....

 This is obviously where a carrot would grow, right???

And sometimes you find places that are not as obvious.....

This was not staged. These cuties were already sitting there and my cookie just blended right in.

Nibbled on carrots were proof that the Easter Bunny was here and a reminder to 


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