Thursday, April 12, 2012

experimenting with popsicles.....

The temperature in NYC is supposed to heat up this weekend around the 70s which means it's getting close to popsicle eating kind of weather.

You can pretty much turn any liquid into a frozen treat.....I chose several types of liquids.....

Strawberry shortcake anyone??? In case you haven't noticed, I even sprinkled chunks of shortbread cookies on to the bottom of the bars. The shortbread softened a bit in the freezer which made the texture like "cake". Just like strawberry shortcake.

A banana split bar??? Pineapple, strawberries, bananas, chocolate and salty peanuts??? Who wouldn't want this combination on a stick???

Now this next flavor is a little strange for most.....Creamy avocado. I know, weird right? Well, it's not so weird to me because I've eaten avocado ice cream before and maybe you have too. It's actually pretty good.....

This bright orange bar is a Thai iced tea bar.....Now THAT'S something I want to eat on a hot spring or summer day!!!

***Hey folks!!! I'll be experimenting with more crazy flavors!!! Leave a comment or post on my Facebook wall your favorite kind of popsicle OR a flavor combo you want me to try.!!!

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