Friday, November 21, 2014

lions & monkeys & it's a boy, oh my!!!

When a repeat client (and friend) requested jungle themed baby shower cookies for her sister's shower, I immediately found inspiration to make these cookies on Pinterest. Although I have to admit that the cookie artist behind the originals blew doors on my cookies. But hey, not bad for the first time. Right?

Now I don't always have the "right" cutter and the last thing I want to do is to buy more. So for these adorable elephants I used an oval for the head, two circles for the ears, and the bottom of a number 3 to create the elephant's trunk. 

The monkey's head is a little out of proportion and thinking back I would have cut it out differently. But here I used the oval again and more circles.

The lion was easy.  I just used a flower cookie cutter. 

I had major royal icing drying drama and had to "disguise" (more like hide) some of my mistakes. I re-piped the eyes on the elephants and monkeys (twice) and had to use fondant to cover the lion's face.

I was winging it and making it work!!!

A few monstera leaves for color….

And a few "it's a boy!" cookies never hurt either.

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