Saturday, October 3, 2015

a sofia the first birthday cake

I try and avoid making fondant tiered cakes because they're really not my jam. BUT when a neighborhood friend asks me to make her daughter's first birthday cake I just couldn't say no. So after a couple of sleepless nights and an early morning, just like that, there is a cake!

I had no idea who Sofia The First was and honestly still don't. Luckily Google had many images of her and her cast mates and Amazon provided me with the plastic figurines.

Because I don't create these kind of cakes on a regular basis, I can be a little rusty. Especially with rolling out fondant!!! Please don't look too closely to the imperfections. I even attempted to do a quilting technique using a small square cookie cutter.

I used small flower-shaped fondant cutters to cut out the flowers for the top tier of the cake and to embellish the other tiers. Then I simply finished each flower off with a little royal icing in the center. 


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